GreenTown: The Future of Community | Creating Healthy, Sustainable Communities


a5 inc. and Seven Generations Ahead have held GreenTown: The Future of Community since 2007, and have consistently received positive feedback and various accolades. Here is a look at what some of our speakers, sponsors and attendees have had to say about their experiences at GreenTown:

“GreenTown provides a great opportunity to meet local community stakeholders, learn about how to localize the economy, and be inspired to develop sustainable communities.”

- Norman Christopher, Director of Sustainability, Grand Valley State University


“I think GreenTown is a great forum for bringing diverse stakeholders together as a venue to brainstorm on current challenges at the municipal and regional level. It is a way to build a network for sharing new ideas and collaborating on the next generation of solutions. GreenTown brings a network of engaged leaders together. This is key to the advancement of sustainable development at the regional and municipal level.”

- Sam Miller, Former VP Strategy & Marketing, JFNew


“GreenTown provides an exceptional venue for social networking, referral marketing, and endorsement of best practices in community sustainability. The conference is a place to learn more about progressive and forward-thinking communities and their application of innovation and best practices, through local champions, servant leaders, and pioneers of change.”

- Corky Overmyer, Sustainability Consultant, United Water


“GreenTown was an outstanding event. We were invited to the private discussions regarding sustainability which was a great opportunity to get more involved with the local communities. GreenTown opened up the lines of communication for organizations like Viability to share with other businesses and communities the opportunities that exist today, which is extremely important in order for us to change the word we live in and way we view it.”

- Kyle Denning, Project Manager, Viability LLC


“GreenTown is a smokin’ event. Every policy maker and elected official should be there.”

-Charles Daas, Professor of Urban Planning, University of Illinois at Chicago


“The Mayor and I attended the first GreenTown in 2007 in Oak Park, and we left the event knowing we needed to set Highland Park on a path to sustainability. Today, we have a community sustainability plan and are implementing the plan. GreenTown provided a spark, and we hope to host an event in 2012 to help continue to move us forward”.

- Steve Mandel, Councilman, Highland Park, Illinois

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