GreenTown: The Future of Community | Creating Healthy, Sustainable Communities

GreenTown Toledo-Lucas County Presentations

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Green Building, Fresh Energy/Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation:
Steven E. Giles Presentation
Nolan Moser Presentation
Stephen Hamstra Presentation

Green Economy, Green Living:
Karl Parker Presentation
Jim Gee Diehl TARTA Presentation

Greening the Outdoors:
Bram Barth Presentation
Jenny Gulick & Matt Evans Presentation

GreenTown 912:
GreenTown 912 Presentation

Lake Erie, Our Shared Future:
Joe Cappel Presentation
Lake Erie Presentation
Tim Murphy Presentation

Live Well Toledo-Lucas County:
Barbara Burns & Kevin Spears Presentation
Complete Streets Presentation
Wendi Huntley
LiveWell Toledo Presentation

Local Food:
Angel Arroyo-Rodriguez
Wood Lane Farm Presentation

Sustainability & Community Planning:
Gary Cuneen Presentation
Sustainability at UT Presentation