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GreenTown is a “traveling circus” designed to bring sustainable community development close to home. Designed for 250 to 500 attendees, GreenTown is a zero waste, carbon neutral event that fosters awareness, knowledge, networking and action.

Held across the Midwest since 2007, GreenTown actively brings together mayors and other elected officials, city managers, public works directors, park district directors, planners, developers, builders, architects, landscape architects and engineers, school leaders – and many others interested in sustainable development – to hear inspiring speakers, learn from been-there case studies, and discuss actionable steps to make communities more eco-effective.

Check out some of our recent event summaries to learn more about GreenTown:

GreenTown at Fox Valley

Fox Valley Mayors Breakfast Agenda
Fox Valley Event Agenda

GreenTown at Kent

Kent Event Agenda
Kent Event Program
Kent Event Presentations
Kent Event Sponsors

GreenTown Aurora

Aurora Event Agenda
Aurora Event Program
Aurora Event Presentations

GreenTown Chicago

Chicago 2014 Event Agenda
Chicago 2014 Program
Chicago 2014 Presentations
Chicago 2014 Sponsors

GreenTown Michiana 2.0

Michiana 2.0 Event Agenda
Michiana 2.0 Event Presentations
Michiana 2.0 Promotion Information

GreenTown Michiana

Michiana Event Presentations
GreenTown Michiana Executive Summary
GreenTown Michiana Action Matrix

GreenTown Illinois

Illinois – April 25, 2013
Illinois Event Presentations

GreenTown Toledo

Toledo-Lucas County – October 26, 2012
Toledo-Lucas County Event Presentations

GreenTown Highland Park

Highland Park – October 19, 2012
Highland Park Event Presentations

GreenTown Valparaiso

Valparaiso – September 28, 2012
Valparaiso Event Presentations

GreenTown Terre Haute

Terre Haute – November 16-17, 2011

GreenTown Oak Park

Oak Park – October 12, 2011

GreenTown Elgin

Elgin – April 28, 2011