GreenTown: The Future of Community | Creating Healthy, Sustainable Communities

Greening the Conference

GreenTown: The Future of Community is a carbon neutral event. To offset our impact on the environment, Viability has generously donated carbon credits, reducing GreenTown’s carbon footprint on the local environment. Viability is committed to increasing the supply of sustainable, fuel-free energy and delivers real solutions to climate change in the form of new wind and solar power generation.

GreenTown is a zero waste event. Thanks to the efforts of Seven Generations Ahead, all waste is either composted or recycled. We are taking further steps to green the event by:

  • reducing the amount of printed material used for the conference
  • sourcing post-consumer recycled and FSC certified paper
  • reducing packaging
  • offering recycling
  • reducing linen and towel usage
  • encouraging walking to and from the venues
  • providing locally grown, organic foods where possible