GreenTown: The Future of Community | Creating Healthy, Sustainable Communities

About a5

GreenTown: The Future of Community is produced by a5 inc. and Seven Generations Ahead.

a5 is a Chicago-based brand consultancy with experience in all facets of marketing and communications, including branding, advertising, web site development, mobile apps, email marketing, public relations and event production. We work across a variety of markets, including communities, healthcare, financial services, non-profits, associations, and with companies involved in sustainability, including planners, architects and landscape architects.

Our clients include:

In addition to our work with Seven Generations Ahead to co-produce GreenTown, a5 is also working with Houseal Lavigne Associates on creating comprehensive plans for Flint, Michigan and Oak Park, Illinois.

Recently, a5 worked with new urbanist Robert Gibbs as he developed a retail plan for downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In addition to producing great work for clients, a5 aims to do great work for the environment by adopting sustainable business practices.