GreenTown: The Future of Community | Creating Healthy, Sustainable Communities


GreenTown Terre Haute happened on November 16-17, 2011 in conjunction with Our Green Valley Alliance, at Indiana State University in Terre Haute.

This event featured keynote presentations from Dr. Richard Jackson, Author and Chair of the School of Public Health at UCLA, and Mayor Bob Dixson of Greensburg, Kansas. For more information on these speakers, click here.

The advisory committee for GreenTown Terre Haute, consisting of local/regional leaders within the public and private sectors, met on Thursday, August 4, at Indiana State University’s University Hall to help create a highly impactful and educational event for those looking to attend.

GreenTown Terre Haute’s advisory committee includes:

Robert Koester, Professor of Architecture and Director, Center for Energy, Ball State University
Sean Rotar, President, Indiana ASLA
Sue Murray, Mayor, City of Greencastle, Indiana
Pat Martin, Chief Planner, City of Terre Haute, Indiana
Carol Steele, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, DePauw University
Doniesa Kovalsky, Director, Higher Education, Central Region, Honeywell
Dr. Jim Speer, Associate Professor of Geography and Geology, Indiana State University
Dr. Daniel Bradley, President, Indiana State University
Kevin Runion, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management, Indiana State University
Sr. Jeanne Knoerle, Ph.D., President, Our Green Valley Alliance
Bob Laskey, Sales Manager, Paveloc
Doug Bauer, Vice President, Pizzo & Associates, Ltd.
Matt Branam, President, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Bill Brown, Director of Sustainability, Indiana University
Lorrie Heber, System Director, Marketing and Public Relations, Union Hospital Health Group
Danise Alno Martin, Director of Economic Development, City of Bloomington, Indiana
Jacqueline Bauer, Sustainability Coordinator, City of Bloomington, Indiana
John Hazlett, Director, Office of Sustainability, City of Indianapolis, Indiana
Dr. Ann M. Valentine, Chancellor, Ivy Tech Community College
Carey Hamilton, Executive Director, Indiana Recycling Coalition
Emma D’Arcy, Staff Member, Republic Services